前提责任 People are often injured while on someone else’s property or in their home or business. 有时候不应该责怪任何人. But other times the injury is the result of carelessness in failing to guard against dangerous conditions or defects on the property.

楼梯可能破损或失修. 自动门可能关闭得太快. 栏杆可能会变软而坍塌. Even debris that wasn’t cleaned up can result in serious injuries. You may trip 和 fall on merch和ise or food that has gotten on the floor, 或者产品展示可能会压在你身上. A storeowner may fail to take adequate steps to clear snow 和 ice from its walkway or parking lot.

任何拥有企业的人, 一个住宅, an apartment building or a vacant lot is responsible under Massachusetts law to use reasonable care to keep the property safe for visitors. The responsibility for people's safety when physi调用y on your property falls into a category of the law 调用ed premises liability. While the events that could cause injury on someone's property are unlimited, there are a few basic categories that cover a large percentage of premises liability cases. 它们是冰雪造成的伤害, injuries caused by violations of the state building code or other safety st和ards, 和 injuries caused by a homeowner’s negligence in keeping his or her property safe.

在东北, inclement weather poses an important challenge that property owners must deal with for several months of the year. 雪和冰, 如果处理不当, can cause serious slip 和 fall injuries such as head 和 brain trauma, 骨折和背部永久性损伤. 在2010年之前, it was difficult to hold property owners liable for injuries caused by negligence in removing snow 和 ice. Property owners could be held liable only for “unnatural” accumulations of snow or ice, 例如, 铲起的一堆堆雪, 雪因脚步声而变化, or an ice patch that was caused by the redirect of water by a gutter. In 2010, the Supreme Judicial Court abolished the so 调用ed “Massachusetts rule,“这一规则已经被其他国家多次拒绝, 它采用了一个简单的过失标准. Property owners must now use reasonable care in the removal of snow 和 ice from their property.

Owners or managers of property can also be held liable for injuries caused by building code violations. The Massachusetts Board of Building Regulations 和 St和ards (BBRS) has adopted certain regulations 和 provisions that constitute our state's building code. The state certifies building inspectors who are responsible for making sure that buildings have complied with the code's safety st和ards. Property owners who fail to comply with the building code or other applicable safety st和ards may be held liable for injuries which occur as a result.

旅行和秋季 Finally, injuries that occur as a result of negligence may also be compensable. 根据马萨诸塞州法律, homeowners 和 business owners are required to keep their premises reasonably safe. A homeowner who has a swimming pool that is not properly guarded or who has other indoor or outdoor hazards may be held liable for injuries that occur as a result.

前提责任法是复杂的. The duty of a homeowner may be different than the duty of a business owner. If you think you have been injured as a result of someone’s negligence, 调用 the experienced premises liability attorneys at the KJC Law firm. There is no cost or obligation, 和 we can meet with you in your home or the hospital if necessary. We have over 90 years of experience litigating major premises liability cases, including some accidents that have occurred outside Massachusetts. ca88有资源调查你的要求, 雇佣必要的专家, 给你应得的补偿. KJC Law Firm represents injured people from communities all across Massachusetts, 包括大波士顿地区, 剑桥, MetroWest, 科德角, 福尔河, 洛厄尔, 伍斯特和斯普林菲尔德.

We wanted to thank you again so much for all you did for us 和 your support throughout this ordeal. 你为ca88做了很好的工作,ca88真的很感激. ca88永远祝福你. 点和亚历克斯
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